Make a Halloween Wreath


About Me

I’m a stay at home mom of two high school graduates in Austin, Texas.  Yes, I said stay at home mom of two young adults.  But no longer am I taking the children ice skating, or to guitar lessons, or horseback riding lessons.  They are young adults with lives, one in college and the other working.  So, I guess a new phase of my life, along with my supportive husband of 20 years and two dogs, has begun.  We are now handing over car keys and handing out gas money.  No longer should I call myself a stay at home mom.  It is scary but I am moving forward.  I know I’m still a mom, but what do I call myself now?  I just don’t know……………. yet.
Well, here I am doing what I’ve always said I was going to do, start a blog.  I never knew exactly what to write about, so please excuse the randomness. My next post could be a new recipe, couponing, a fun how-to, a helpful gadget, a road trip, parenting, marriage, feelings.. all I see are endless possibilities.

So, here I am, sharing fun stuff with you.  Feel free to share with me!